Barrack Room Stripes w/ The Virgin Mary Shoes & Seashell Earring in Harajuku

You might remember Yukinko from her previous Harajuku street snaps. Her look is a little toned down here, but she’s always cute and stylish. The 19-year-old student now has a bob haircut with bangs, and a cap with a sheer visor.

She’s wearing a striped setup from the Tokyo shop Barrack Room, with white tights and socks, and shoes from The Virgin Mary. She accessorized with an oversized canvas tote bag, a seashell earring (every outfit we’ve snapped her in features at least one seashell) and an Aquvii geometric necklace.

Yukinko told us that she likes shopping at The Virgin Mary, and she gave us her Twitter, if you want to follow her.

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  1. really pretty girl with pretty legs
    looks like a model ( ・ω・ )

  2. Love everything about her outfit! All of the interesting textures are great. I never thought I would, but I’m getting so in to the matchy-matchy top and bottom thing. Her whole look is just perfectly interesting and cohesive. I love it.

  3. You’re so pretty woman,aren’t you?
    What a beautiful girl!!!huh!!!!