Bernhard Wilhelm vs. Cedar Crest x Zaorick in Harajuku

Here are SP, a 21-year-old Spinns Harajuku staffer, and Mai, an 18-year-old Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors staff member. SP (on the left with blue hair) is wearing a graphic jacket over a bright t-shirt and graphic shorts, all from Pelican Avenue. His metallic-trimmed sneakers are from Bernhard Wilhelm.

SP is wearing some one-of-a-kind accessories from Zaorick Mochasse, including what looks like giant fabric hands around his neck and a handmade hat decorated with paint, a troll doll, toys and photos. His backpack from Mochasse/Zaorick is also decorated with paint and toys.

The cute girl on the right with a spiked headband is Mai. She’s wearing a leatherette jacket from Keisuke Kanda over a white t-shirt. Her loose-fitting black pants are from American Apparel and her black sneakers are from Cedar Crest. Mai’s accessories include a giant eyeball ring that was given to her by Ko-Ki-san. Her Nadia bag is decorated with a fox fur.

SP told us his favorite store is Candy and he likes anisong music. Mai’s favorite shop is Wagado.
Pelican Avenue & Bernhard Wilhelm vs. Keisuke Kand & Cedar Crest

Blue hair & fabric neckpiece

Blue hair & handmade painted hat with dolls

Hat with eyeballs & dolls head

Handmade backpack from Moshas

Eyeball rings

Black and white buttons

Bernhard Wilhelm sneakers

Keisuke Kanda leatherette jacket

Japanese buttons

Pink headband with spikes

Giant eyeball ring

Nadia bag with fox furs

Cedar Crest sneakers

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  1. She was given the ring by Koki Minowa, is not a brand, I think she was referring to this guy:!/MkIoNuOkWiA

    About him I’ve never listen about Mochas or Zaosoku, but I know zaorick mochasse, they make backpacks, hats and other accesories like his’. You can see their blog and read it if you know japanese:

    Hope the info works for you n_n

  2. I love her sneakers!
    And SP’s scarf(?) is also fantastic – looks warm too! Need something like that today! o.O

  3. I like all the outfit… but.. i’m in completly desagreement that pepople buy animal skin . that poor fox!!! plz!! be counseous ppl!! even to look fashon and cool we don’t need hurt nature.

  4. That “handy” scarf is soooo lovely, I want one of those :D

  5. Quite psychodelic with all this eyes :p
    I love guy’s hat and backpack – they are so original~!
    And look at his hand!!! Slim long fingers with adorable nails (they looks better than mine!! xD), so delicate :))

  6. The first thing my boyfriend and I realized are SP’s buttons! :D They are all lines from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. We especially loved the “MUDAMUDAMUDA” and the “WRYYYY—-!!” XD

  7. Love the head band hate the dead furry thing and think the guy should take
    an art class hehe


  8. G-Dragon also wore “EYE GOT BALLZ” ring from Ambush’s new line “Skull ‘Amb’ Bones” .. ^^ Love the Guy’s style ^^ and his hair too ^^

  9. nice style,
    but the dead animal SUCKS!
    fur is stupid , not stylish

  10. Heart the girl’s outfit!
    The metal headband gives punk style yet cuteness and the huge ‘eye ball’ ring, looks so hilarious! Me Wanna :D

  11. Blue boy is far too much overdone…like crazy Issey Miyake fan
    the girl…a bit gloomy

  12. Thanks Maria – the spelling of Mochasse/Zaorick has been updated. Katakana is always fun when talking about indie brands. :-)

  13. billy quanah

    The scarf is not Zaorick it’s Osaka based brand that is still upcoming :))!