Patrik Soderstam & Makura vs. Tarzan Kick!!!

We met these cool 20-year-old guys in Harajuku. On the right is S.P., who has blue hair and is wearing a surgical face mask (something we’ve seen before). His graphic top is from designer Patrik Soderstam and his shorts are from Makura.

S.P.’s is wearing a hat from Nozomi Ishiguro and cool metallic shoes. His backpack is a work of art – custom painted with small toys attached. We asked him about his favorite fashion brand and were told it’s Candy. His favorite music genre is anisong (anime songs). You can connect with S.P. on twitter.

The guy on the left with cool sunglasses is Kumada, a college student. His graphic t-shirt and pants are from Tarzan Kick!!! His black boots and red bag are from resale shops.

Kumada’s favorite brands are Candy and Tarzan Kick!!! He like the music of Lady Gaga. You can follow him on twitter.

Patrik Soderstam & Makura vs. Tarzan Kick!!!

Blue hair, face mask & Patrik top

Handmade backpack decorations

Metallic shoes

Tarzan Kick!!! graphic top

Resale bag

Resale boots & Tarzan Kick!!! pants

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  1. Setja-Nerthe

    I’m fascianted by first man’s bag o.O It’s really original.

  2. i really like those black pants, are those neon sugar skulls on the knees?? and i like the big teeth on the blue sweater. the fake teeth on the backpack are genius too!!

  3. I love that backpack! I never seen anything quite like it. Very unique <3

  4. oh my god xD
    on the first sight i thought the right guy was a girl…until i saw his legs xDDD

    but great outfits!
    i love the backbag from the guy in the blue sweater!

  5. Hot guy on the left!! Haha. I LOVE his black pants. The coolest blue hair I’ve ever seen on the right. That’s hard to pull off! And awesome hoodie and hat. I would hang with those guys any day. XD

  6. Kumada’s style is kickin’! Love the neon minimalism of the pants!

  7. Hehe, I remember taking S.P’s picture at Merry Go Land,…and then I saw him at Shibuya station near Hachiko on Thursday. He may have been going to Candy again..but he wasn’t there when we got there. He very much stands out, doesn’t he?

  8. I’m in love with S.P he’s so cute luv the blue hair and jacket