Black Beret, Rocket Jacket & Pinky Girls Dress

This cute girl with a black beret, trendy large glasses and a fabric flower in her hair is Mai, a 25-year-old self-described OL (office lady). Her short twill jacket is from Rocket and her white lace-trimmed dress is from Pinky Girls. She’s also wearing sparkly black tights and black vinyl boots from Lowrys Farm.

Mai’s accessories from Village Vanguard and other places include a leopard-print scrunchie around her wrist, a cool ring with a panther and a leopard, a fur collar tied with a black ribbon and trendy large glasses. Her furry Vivienne Westwood bag is decorated with a with a gold chain and Vivienne logo.

We asked about her favorite fashion label and the answer was Vivienne Westwood. Her favorite music is hip hop and house. You can see more pictures on Mai’s blog.
Black Beret with Rocket Jacket & Pinky Girls Dress

Rocket jacket with fur collar

Fabric flower & large glasses

Leopard print scrunchie & cat ring

Vivienne Westwood fur bag

Sparkly tights & Lowrys Farm boots

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