Black Boots and Leopard Hat in Shibuya

This cool Japanese guy and cute blonde Japanese girl, wearing all black outfits, were photographed on the street near Beams in Shibuya. The guy is wearing a black collared shirt over a band-type shirt, jeans, black boots and spiked armbands. The cute Japanese girl with him is wearing a black semi-transparent blouse over a tank top, a black skirt, stockings, black boots and a hat with leopard print on it. In the closeup photo the guy is being funny and crossing his eyes for the camera!

Black Boots and Leopard Hat in Shibuya

Black Boots and Leopard Hat in Shibuya

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  1. Dear God, that guy is cute <3 and so is the girl. And I always love black, so their matching union like this… absolutely gets my approval.

  2. That guy is DREAMY!!! They both are awesome–PERFECT!

  3. amount of dreamy looking boys in Japan is above average :)
    at least man have some reason to go out and enjoy the view…

  4. No comments for the gal but the guy is certainly CUTE!!!

  5. O my lowrd. Girl got herself a cute guy! I’ll say this: cute guys in japan are actually hard to come by. Half are in the entertainment industry. Anyway, they both rock the all black look!