BlackMeans Punk-inspired Street Fashion in Harajuku

This is Kakegawa, a 22-year-old Japanese guy we met on the street in Harajuku. Kakegawa’s look is inspired by 1970s and early-1980s hardcore punk.

Kakegawa’s outfit features several pieces from the Japanese fashion brand BlackMeans. BlackMeans are known for their punk-inspired handmade-in-Japan leather jackets. You can see a great example of the brand’s aesthetic in Kakegawa’s BlackMeans leather vest. His zippered leather motorcycle pants are also from BlackMeans. Kakegawa’s accessories include a felt hat, several silver rings, BlackMeans spiked boots, a BlackMeans Lighter Holder, a BlackMeans leather pouch, and sunglasses on a chain around his neck.

Kakegawa told us that his favorite type of music is hardcore punk and that his favorite fashion brand is… BlackMeans!

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Wow. He rocks, fave expression matches his aweeesooome outfit… hahaha

  2. Saralectric

    I want this entire outfit on my hubby! Too bad he’d never wear it.
    Great snap, TF!

  3. Awesome outfit!! But wouldn’t he be sweltering in leather pants in the Tokyo heat?! I cannot go out even wearing jeans, it’s getting so hot…

  4. Can i please have him all for myself!?! ^^

    PS! Love the pants and boots

  5. Second pic is just sooo cool! But he’s so skinny!

  6. Oh cool! He’s really handsome and I really love that outfit! The rings were cool, I’d want one too~

  7. I’ve got a nosebleed…cause of him and his outfit…(*o~)

  8. I really want that vest! I LOVE his style, very close 2 the one I’m doing right now, ROCKSTAR! :)

  9. ara visual kei

    his cute and his outfit i love JROCK does he know it

  10. This outfit is seriously one of the best I’ve seen! :o

  11. How do I get that lighter holder?

    Please email information. I’d appreciate it. :)