Blonde Girls in Pink & Black from mmts, Katie & Jouetie

Here are two cute blonde students, both 19 years old. On the left is Manamin, wearing a pink jacket with scalloped black lapels from mmts. She’s also wearing a black graphic top from Katie and short pink skirt from H&M. Her open-toed platform boots are from the Shibuya109 department store. Accessories from Sanrio include two beaded bracelets.

The girl on the right is Emichan. She’s wearing a pink and black jacket from Jouetie and a black top and shorts from Forever 21. Black stockings, white socks and white platform sneakers from Nadia complete her look. Her fabric tote back is handmade and her accessories include a tattoo necklace with a small cross and a ribbon in her hair.

We asked the girls about their favorite sources for fashion. Manamin said she likes Katie. She also said her favorite type of music is visual kei.

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  1. They have like the perfect blonde haircolour! I want to go blonde when I see this! Very nice clothes too :D

  2. I got the exact same ribbon with the hearts yesterday! Never thought of putting it in my hair though ^.^ and that scalloped jacket is amazing.