Blonde Japanese Couple in Happi Coats in Harajuku

Here’s a stylish blonde couple that we photographed in Harajuku. They’ve both mixed traditional Japanese clothing with modern pieces. The cute girl on the left, an 18-year-old student named Bunchin, is wearing a white-shirt and black happi coat from a flea market. She’s also wearing a handmade sheer chiffon skirt over denim cut-off shorts.

Bunchin’s rocking horse platform shoes, worn with eyelet-trimmed lace socks, are from Tokyo Bopper. Her jewelry includes a silver hardware earring and a teddy bear cutout on a chain. She’s wearing two large buttons on her jacket and her handmade tote is also decorated with buttons.

The cool guy on the right with tousled hair is Sumusun, also an 18-year-old student. His outfit is from a Tokyo resale shop named Chicago and includes a graphic shirt, a two-tone happi coat and black shorts. He’s also wearing black dress shoes without socks.

Sumusun’s accessories from Mugendo include a large tassel around his neck, a ring that consists of three narrow gold bands and a silver medallion on a chain.

When we asked Sumusun about his favorite place to shop the answer was Business as Usual, a Tokyo resale shop.
Blonde Japanese Couple in Happi Coats in Harajuku

Happi coat with large buttons

Silver hardware earring

Handmade tote with buttons

Chiffon skirt & Tokyo Bopper rocking horse shoes

Happi coat & neck tassel

Blonde guy in Harajuku

Ring with 3 gold bands

Dress shoes w/o socks

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  1. The last time I saw tassels was months ago! They are back!
    Chiffon skirt are so IN right now in Japan xD I’ve seen like too much lately!
    I LOVE her earringss! *.*
    He is totally cool, not the way of dressing but also his hair and they way he looks at the camera! So cool~

  2. the guy is perfect. outfit, hair, face, all gorgeous >\\\\<

  3. he’s really cute :D she is too, i love her bag and her happi coat

  4. cute couple! the boy looks cool.. the only thing I don’t like about his style are the three rings he’s wearring ;) I loove rocking horse shoes =) =)

  5. I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t think they look cute at all. In fact, they look a bit too pale and as if they are trying too hard.

  6. I loved the guy… He’s so cute and cool *-*
    The girl too… Loved her bear’s necklace and earrings. The bag is also cool!

  7. I think the girl looks rediculous but the guy looks awesome!

  8. millky_PY

    I think their outfits looks great~~ Love how the way they wear it~ (>w^)b