Blonde Japanese Girl in Argyle Socks & Knit Parka

This stylish blonde 19-year-old Japanese girl was photographed near Cat Street in Harajuku. She’s wearing a pretty knit parka with several layers underneath it. One of the tops she’s wearing under the parka has very long sleeves which cover her hands (love that look). She’s also wearing a plaid skirt, dark stockings, argyle socks, and black leather military-style boots from the Japanese brand Olive des Olive. Her bag is a white cloth handbag with text on the side. She said that her entire outfit – except the boots – was put together from various resale and vintage shops around Tokyo.

When we asked her about music, she told us that she listens to Radwimps & Meg.

Pretty Blonde Japanese Girl

Knit Parka in Harajuku

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  1. elleluvsY

    Cute~! very stylish and fitting for her petite body. I like how she doesnt wear her skirt too long or too short, the blance is just Right! and the parka gives her a retro look as well,!!!