Blonde Shibuya Girls in Fedora Hats

These two blonde Japanese girls posed for our photo in Shibuya. They are both wearing black fedora hats – the fedora on the left is furry. One of the girls told us that they bought their hat at the popular Tokyo hat shop CA4LA. Other than the fuzzy hat, the girl on the left is wearing hoop earrings, a blue belted dress, black stockings, and high black heels. She is also carrying a quilted black Chanel handbag. The girl on the right is wearing a black shiny dress, black boots, and a pearl-like necklace. The girl on the left is also carrying a shopping bag from the gal fashion brand Moussy.

Blonde Shibuya Girls

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  1. Hmm. That looks like light brown at best, not so much blond. Maybe the bar on blond is lowered in Japan given the usual black hair color. ;-)

  2. tokyo

    You definitely could be right. It’s hard to figure out what’s blonde here sometimes. Reddish hair color seems to be really in right now in Tokyo, BTW.

  3. i hate the dresses on them both because girls with big boobs can’t wear then with it lookin lopsided >:( j/k i love their outfit :)

  4. If the girl with the blue took that hat off she would prob look better. but I like

  5. Lopsided both! don’t like the look for both of them it looks fake!