Blue Hair, Faux Fur Coat, Vivienne Westwood & Emoda in Harajuku

Taro and Marimo are a guy and girl who caught our eye in Harajuku. They both had short hair – Marimo’s colored blue. You might remember Marimo from her snaps last summer.

Taro is a 17-year-old student. He is wearing GU jeans with layered shirts and a jacket on top. He is also wearing a Vivienne Westwood scarf, WEGO necklace and ring, a stripes and dots backpack and check-lined shoes. Taro is a fan of Vivienne Westwood and Ray Ban for shopping, and of Mr. Children for music. Find out more from his Twitter.

Marimo is a model. She is wearing an Emoda dress with a faux-fur coat from WEGO. Her bag is from Emoda, her platform boots are Spinns, and she’s also wearing a choker, rings and earrings. Marimo likes to shop at Emoda and to listen to Sid. Find her on Twitter for more information.

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  1. Yes, she is great, but I feel bad for her left ear, I hope it heals soon.

  2. halaoui yanis

    I’m french, i want buy the bag of the man please because this bag is so cute.

  3. あいみあいみ

    That man is really handsome and the women is really pretty!