Blue Ombre Hairstyle, Acid Wash Jacket & Graphic Tights in Harajuku

Here’s a stylish girl with a blue ombre twin tails hairstyle who we met on the street in Harajuku.

Her outfit features a vintage acid wash denim jacket over a vintage-print tied top, an animal print fuzzy skirt (or dress), graphic tights, and blue shoes with clear platforms. Accessories include a clutch, several rings, earrings, and a doll head hair tie.

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  1. OH MY GOD ! Her tights ! /falling deeply in love with them
    Her shoes seem hard to walk with though… But I really really love her shirt + jacket, this rocks !!

  2. I must admit there are a lot of cool tights on here, but those are definitely the coolest ones to date <3

  3. Can someone please tell me where she might have gotten her tights and shoes from? Or at least the brand?

  4. she could have used one brown and another blue if she was going to use circle lenses or one regular sized blue lens. her style is lovely otherwise

  5. Animegirl2014

    OMG! I looooove her hair :))) I wish mine was that long!!!

  6. everything is sooooo cool! the hair the coat.. can’t love her more!!

  7. DenniAkira

    So great!! Love her tights, her shoes, her hair (mine is almost the same but reversed xD), her everything! It’s a great look to copy or work with! *A*