Blue Twintails w/ Joyrich Cloud Top, Adidas Sneakers & X-Girl in Harajuku

This is Peke, a 21-year-old college student we met in Harajuku. You might remember her from several Harajuku Fashion Walk events. She is wearing a blue and yellow outfit. Even her hair is blue, in twintails, with yellow smiley face hair ties.

Peke’s oversized “cloud nine” print t-shirt is from Joyrich, paired with Adidas shorts and sneakers. Peke accessorized with a Pocari Sweat print tote bag from Kasaki Shop, an X-Girl shoulder bag, Spinns socks and a Pin Nap smiley face ring. She is also wearing a neon sports hand band and a Candy Stripper headband.

We asked Peke about her favorite shops, and she told us she likes Candy Stripper, Panama Boy and Joyrich. We also found out that she listens to Monkey Majik and Michael Jackson, and that she’s active on Twitter.

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  1. Wow she is so cool! Her hair + contacts are the perfect combination.

  2. Juriette

    I love all her cord, but I think that she’s wearing a wig, you can see in the midle-center that you cannot see the root part… anyway, it’s amazing !! *^*

  3. Most of the girls on this site where wigs, especially since dyed hair in school & work in Japan is not always acceptable, so it’s not a big deal… there are probably more girls on this site wearing wigs than there are girls with their natural hair

  4. It doesn’t matter if she wears a wig or not , that hair color looks really nice anyway ♥

  5. wow, so cool. I love her pale skin with blue hair and these circle lenses… awesome colorings, she really stands out. Like some awesome anime character :)