Boy London, Lighted Hair Accessories & Leaf Eyelashes in Harajuku

Meet 22 year old Ronya, a friendly college student who was easy to notice on Cat Street in Harajuku.

Ronya’s sweatshirt is by Boy London, paired with shorts and lace tights. She is also wearing cross socks and studded oxfords. But what really caught our eye is her accessories, which she told us were imported from overseas: a duck pendant choker, forks and blinking lights in her hair, leaf eyelashes and tiny golden rings around her eyes. Ronya’s make-up is impeccable in green and red, and she has a labret piercing.

She told us that her favorite music is the HASAMI group. You can find Ronya on Twitter.

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  1. Cookie-chan

    Love her eye makeup!! So pretty!! And her hair too!!

  2. She is adorable! かわいい! I really like her make-up.

  3. interesting- wearing a spoon & fork in her hair like chopsticks…

  4. She is so cute;-) lovely hair style and fashion!!!!

  5. SeafoamParade

    She’s doing the most! So adorable + intricate~