Broken Doll Maro w/ Boot Wigs & Handmade Fashion

Here’s someone who likes to have fun with fashion. It’s Maro, the drummer for the Japanese band Broken Doll (and also an indie fashion designer).

Maro is wearing an outfit that features items he handmade mixed with items from Broken Doll. Some of the pieces include neon hair falls, a customized hoodie, a backpack covered in spikes and wire, pants which have been cut open halfway down his leg, and the most unique of all – wigs attached to hand-painted boots.

Maro is really fun and friendly – and he speaks English well – so check out his Twitter and/or his blog.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. Moonghost14

    I love how he looks like he is emitting purple/blue flames.
    I really love his style!!
    Including the styles of HIRARI-san & YUI-san ♥

  2. Absolutely incredible. This guy is just spectacular, like the rest of his band :D
    I love all of his outfit, but my favourite piece is his backpack.

  3. Dreaded Queen

    The wig boot thing is freaky. He is truly one of a kind!