Bubbles Harajuku Guppy in Cardigan & Melissa Wedges

This stylish Japanese girl with an awesome bob hairstyle works at the Harajuku vintage shop Bubbles. Her nickname is Guppy!

Guppy is wearing a hat that she bought used, along with a knit argyle cardigan from Needles, a top from American Apparel, short shorts from American Apparel, black stockings, striped socks, and black wedges from Melissa. Her accessories include vintage-looking glasses, a scarf from NOMAt.d, a vintage fur purse, and numerous rings (including some that she got as gifts and one from the French brand Bague A Part).

When we asked Guppy about her favorite shop, of course she said Bubbles Harajuku. If you want to know more about Guppy, you can follow her on Twitter.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Ronald Cruz

    her Fashion sense is very good… I love the colors she is wearing and the coordination between her sweater, rings and nails… scarf, hat, hair… everything is perfect about her style.. love it :D

  2. I do not like the bag. Animals are not allowed to kill and to make them bags. Animals have the right to live.

  3. I don’t like the bag! I don’t think it should be necessary kill animals just to look fashionable and it’s so friggin’ ugly and disgusting! One of these days I’m going to kill a baby and wear him as a hat, just to see what people would think about it..

  4. I think the bag is okay, as long as it was made before the fur ban. If it was made before, it would be more of a waste to throw it away really.

  5. Errrr…. not a fan of the bag. However i do like her cardigan.

  6. dude i thought ba was a really dog >w<
    over all cute

  7. she looks nice except the purse its a really wrong thing to use animal head to be a so call fashionable accessory.

  8. Mandarince

    I am totally shocked to see a purse like this one! Why does it have to be an animal gosh!! I am with Adriana.

  9. Видно,что девушка креативная,мне очень понравилось это сочитание цветов. С удавольствием надела бы такое :)

  10. I hate having to say this all the time, but wearing fur is not always a bad thing, like Drauga said. Plus, Guppy’s bag was vintage, which is kind of a give away that it’s pretty old…there’s nothing wrong with reusing old fur….even ones with faces on them.

    If you don’t like it that’s fine, but don’t discriminate against ppl who actually can find a use for them again; instead of just rotting away in the garbage their at least being taken care of.

  11. oh, poor animal, too bad, eversything else is really good!

  12. The bag is just horrible…. nails and socks/shoes are not nice at all….. the rest of the outfit is thou. The second pic is really doing it.

  13. I LOVE the bag!!! <33 And her eyes are so beautiful!! I wonder if they're contacts?

  14. I luv her style, the hat is amazin! want it! <3 but Im agree, is horrible use animals skins and flur to make oufits…or furniture.
    I want a Baby Hat too!

  15. luv her nails..and everything else!! :D (..not the bag…)

  16. I don’t really get why all the girls in Japan likes those plastic shoes? I’ve seen hell of a lot of them here….*-*

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  18. i love the bag! its soo cute! plus i love those shoes! i have the same pair.its soo comfortable