Bubbles Sheer Skirt, Platform Sandals & Teletubby in Harajuku

Hana and Nachi are two friendly students who we met on a popular shopping street in Harajuku.

Hana, on the left, is 17 years old. She is wearing a dolphin top from Bubbles Harajuku with a lace long sleeve undershirt, a white WEGO skirt, and ANAP platform sandals with striped tube socks. Her large backpack – decorated with a Teletubby doll – was picked up resale and she’s also wearing a heart choker. Hana’s favorite brands include Vivienne Westwood and H&M. She enjoys the music of Big Bang and Red Hot Chili Peppers. For more info, find Hana on Twitter.

Nachi, on the right, is 15 years old. Nachi is wearing a “Babie” t-shirt from Bubbles Harajuku with a Bubbles sheer skirt, white tights, flame socks, and Spinns platform sandals. She’s also wearing heart sunglasses, a headband, and two bags – a heart shaped purse and a smaller smiley face pouch. Nachi’s favorite shop is Nadia Harajuku. She likes the music of Big Bang and 2NE1. For more pics and info, follow Nachi on Twitter.

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  1. Both are so cute, I love the white shoe with patterned socks trend. Hana’s look is totally eye catching to me :)