Buccal Cone Kanji Hoodie & Pants in w/ Oz Abstract Accessories in Harajuku

We often spot 666Dievil666 around Harajuku, where he works in the Japanese apparel business. Check out some of his previous outfits here and here.

This time, he is wearing a hoodie and sweatpants from the up-and-coming Japanese streetwear brand Buccal Cone, both featuring Japanese kanji and kana print. His boots are from Timberland, his cross ring and earrings are Oz Abstract, and he’s also wearing a cap and sunglasses.

He told us that his favorite places to shop are KTA, Oz Abstract and MYOB and he gave us his Instagram account.

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  1. Hello,

    May you know where you get the face mask and optionally what brand is it?

    Nice greetings from Germany