Print Coat Over Zac Vargas Biker Jacket w/ Dr. Martens & Oz Abstract in Harajuku

666Dievil666 works in the Japanese apparel industry. We have street snapped him several times in Harajuku, as you might remember.

He is wearing a print faux-fur coat (purchased resale) and maxi skirt with a Zac Vargas biker jacket. His zippered boots are Dr. Martens, and his jewelry is from Oz Abstract: earrings, a lip piercing, rings and layered necklaces.

We asked him about his favorite places to shop, and he told us he likes KTZ, UNIF, Dr. Martens as well as resale shops. Follow his Instagram for the scoop on his life.

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  1. This guy is so coool and cuuuute! hair works for ’em ;)