Very Fancy Top, Armor Rings & Zac Vargas Leather Jacket in Harajuku

This is 666Dievil666, a friendly guy who works in apparel. He has bleached, partially shaved and partially long hair. You might remember him from his previous Harajuku street snaps this summer.

He is wearing a Very Fancy tank with red UNIF pants and a Zac Vargas biker jacket. He accessorized with layered necklaces, armor rings and earrings, from Oz Abstract. He is also wearing zippered Dr. Martens boots.

666Dievil666 told us that he’s a fan of rock and hip hop music, and that he likes shopping from UNIF, KTZ, Oz Abstract and Dr. Martens. Check out his Instagram for more info.

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  1. He somehow reminds me of Yagami Iori from the King of Fighters series XD
    Just love his style :D