Harajuku Couple w/ Purple Hair & Braids, MYOB, KTZ, UNIF & Romwe

When this couple walked by us on Meiji Dori in Harajuku, we spun around and chased them down the street to ask for snaps. We found out that the guy is “666DIEVIL666” and he works in the apparel business. The girl is Alisatangel and she works at the select shop (ME) Harajuku.

666DIEVIL666 – with burgundy braids and tattoos – is wearing a UNIF “Hate You” jersey with patched KTZ shorts and KTZ sandals. Accessories – some of which came from Oz Abstract – include a Vogue headband, a lip spike, a long spike earrings, a bead bracelet, and a patched UNIF backpack. His favorite brands include Oz Abstract, UNIF, MYOB, Faline Tokyo, and GR8 Harajuku. For more info and pics, check out 666DIEVIL666 on Instagram.

Alisa – with cool purple hair – is wearing a Romwe suspender skirt over a sheer black (ME) top, over-the-knee striped tube socks with garters from Bubbles Harajuku, and Tokyo Bopper platform boots. Accessories include a Vogue headband, MYOB heart earrings, necklaces, silver rings from Oz Abstract, a Vivienne Westwood watch, a Vivienne Westwood ring, a Kenzo iPhone case, and a Vivienne Westwood backpack. Her favorite shops/brands include (me), Faline Tokyo, UNIF, WIA, and KTZ. She also likes the music group Die Antwoord. For more pics, find Alisa on Instagram or Twitter!

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  1. Ok, so Alisa is completely on point: phenomenal earrings, cute Vivienne watch, leather skirt….I can’t; it’s too perfect.

  2. I love both their looks but oh man, the woman is perfect. I love her watch and earrings!

  3. they are in perfect harmony
    This cold and dark side is awesome (。♥‿♥。)