Business As Usual Sweater w/ Wide Leg Pants & Tokyo Bopper Platforms

Gerobetya is someone we see around Harajuku often – you might remember her from our snaps back in June and March. She’s 14 years old and she’s a student.

Gerobetya is wearing an oversized knitted sweater from Business As Usual over a colorful shirt and wide leg velvet pants. She’s got a small red bag,  a knitted scarf and lots of small earrings and piercings. She is also wearing a crown ring and a plastic one, and peep toe Tokyo Bopper platform shoes.

She told us that her favorite place to shop is Business As Usual and that you can find her on Twitter if you want to see more of her pics.

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  1. i’m sure she will become a major figure in fashion street ! like mayupu !

  2. She always looks so fab. I love that sweater, and those pants seem to balance her out surprisingly well.

  3. i love her style, she’s one of my favourite people to see on this website!