Candy Stripper & RNA vs. Chicago & Dr. Martens

We met this friendly couple in Harajuku. The cute girl on the right is Nozaki, a 20-year-old college student. She’s wearing a red, black and white Dalmatian sweater from a resale shop over a white H&M blouse that features tucks, ruffles and black trim. Her black and white striped pants are from Candy Stripper.

Nozaki’s black patent leather bag features the trademark Vivienne Westwood logo embroidered in gold and silver thread. Her red tasseled shoes from RNA look cute with black lace-trimmed socks.

Nozaki’s friend is Shinjiro, who’s also a 20-year-old student. His black leather jacket is from a resale shop. He bought his tie-dyed t-shirt at Chicago, a Tokyo resale store. His stone-washed jeans are from another Tokyo resale store named Thank-You Mart. He’s wearing a green Jansport backpack and his brown leather shoes are from Dr. Martens.

We asked the couple about their favorite fashion brands and shops. Nozaki likes to shop at resale and used clothing stores and her favorite designer is Vivienne Westwood. We asked about her favorite music and she said “rock!!”. Shinjiro likes the music of Maximum the Hormone.
Candy Stripper & RNA vs. Chicago & Dr. Martens

Resale leather jacket & tie dyed t-shirt

Jansport backpack

Thank-You Mart jeans & Dr. Martens shoes

Resale Dalmation sweater over H&M top

Vivienne Westwood logo purse

Candy Stripper pants & red RNA shoes

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  1. Aww, what a cute couple! They look like nice people :) I really like her socks!

  2. I also like Maximum the Hormone!!!! >:D
    I love Shinjiro’s hair. I wonder where he got that style…

  3. Just a note: the Doc’s aren’t actually brown, they’re the cherry colour version. Repeated wear and tear usually strains the shoe lacquer, reverting back to the original leather colour.

  4. WOW~ Wonderful combination from both of them and Shinjiro is quite handsome.