Kurebayashi in Harajuku w/ Candys, Panier & ACDC

This cute girl with red hair and a knit hat is Haruka Kurebayashi. Her outfit includes a Panier pink tulle skirt sprinkled with stars and a dotted lace-trimmed top from ACDC. Her hand knit hat is from a resale shop and her whimsical bag is from Candys. She’s also wearing thigh-high white stockings and Candys fur-trimmed boots.

Haruka told us her favorite fashion brand is Candys. She likes the music of Sex-Android. She also shared her Twitter page with us.
Candys, Panier & ACDC

ACDC blouse

Red hair & resale hat

Cute Candys purse

Furry Candys boots

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  1. I want the skirt and her boots!!!!! Hontoni kawaii~ ^_^

  2. gosh this outfit is just too cute!
    the boots are so unique!
    i really do love her style!

  3. Bon Scott

    ACDC? needs messier hair to be rock an roll ;)

  4. I’m totally in love with her outfit, it’s supercute!!! *.*

  5. The only thing I don’t like here are the Uggs. I just can’t stand them :/
    But the rest is so lovely <3 Her hat is adorable

  6. Adorable~!! ( * o * ) Polka dots are the best and her hat and boots are super cute! Such a girly look~ ( ^ w ^ )

  7. this outfit’s just too cute *-* I love the combination she did there and her hat is the best!