Cassette Playa x JuJu Jelly Shoes, Rainbow Odango & Kinji Harajuku

Elleanor is a friendly English-speaking Harajuku girl who works at the popular resale shop Kinji Harajuku. Her colorful odango (double buns) hairstyle caught our eye on the street not far from Kinji.

Elleanor’s look features a graphic sleeveless crop top from Kinji Harajuku with Adidas pants, non-matching socks, and Cassette Playa x JuJu jelly shoes. Accessories – some of which came from 6%DokiDoki – include a rubber ducky necklace, a tattoo necklace, a safety pin earring, arm bands, and a Jansport flag backpack with a “Koenji Kids” button and a “<3" heart charm. Elleanor told us that her favorite brand is Jenny Fax, her favorite shop is Wall (inside of LaForet Harajuku), and her favorite musical group is Dempagumi Inc. Follow Elleanor on Twitter for more pics & updates.

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  1. Sporty and fun :D I wonder if she actually plays any sports, teehee

  2. Lovely outfit ~ I have a pair of similar Juju shoes, they’ve served me well this summer.