Cat Ears, Cinnamoroll & Sheer Pastel Fashion by Milklim, Listen Flavor & Sakura1Tama in Harajuku

Maro is a friendly girl – with purple silver hair and a love of kawaii fashion – who we often see around the streets of Harajuku.

Her look here features a resale sheer pastel top over a graphic t-shirt from the Harajuku kawaii brand Milklim, a Listen Flavor tulle skirt, Milklim print pants, and pastel platform heart creepers from Harajuku Alta. Accessories – some of which came from Sakura1Tama, Dangerous Nude and Claire’s – include cat ears, a hair bow, a ribbon choker, unicorn necklace, heart necklace, manga badges, a Cinnamoroll pouch, and a pink Milklim tote bag decorated with a cute cloth brooch.

Maro’s favorite fashion brands include the Harajuku icons Takuya Angel and 6%DOKIDOKI. For more info and pictures, find her on Instagram or Twitter.

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