Colorful Cat Tights, Lost Mannequin Winged Backpack & One Spo Coat in Harajuku

You might remember Rinalee from her previous street snaps in September. We met the cutely styled 16 year old again in Harajuku, and her pink highlights & cat tights caught our eye right away!

Rinalee is wearing a Lost & Found black lace dress with a bow at the waist and a white faux-fur coat from One Spo. Her wings backpack is from Lost Mannequin and her accessories are from Love Drug Store, Katie and Pielpie. We noticed her cute cat pin and cat print tights, a ribbon tied around the neck and her colored contacts, as well as a pair of black and white creepers with extra-high platforms.

Rinalee is a fan of the jpop band News, and she likes to shop at Katie most of all. You can also find her on Twitter.

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  1. WestwoodBlues

    Amazing tights and creepers; great outfit ! I don’t like so much the hairstyle, though.

  2. awesome ensemble! I agree….those tights are “the cat’s miaow!” ^_-

  3. Victoria Moore

    Those cat tights are meow-tantisic! I love the rest of the look too. Very cute.

  4. please where can I buy the cat tights? thank you

  5. ♥Aky♥

    It looks awesome, I really love her hair-color♥.