Chamii w/ Boy London, Tongue Piercing & Platforms in Harajuku

We ran into Chamii in Harajuku tonight! 18-year-old Chamii is part of a well-known crew in Tokyo which wears a lot of Boy London. You might remember we snapped him last month with Miho & Maho (the twins) in Shibuya. He’s updated to a cool blonde hairstyle since we last met.

Chamii is wearing a black bomber jacket over a Long x Boy London top, Boy London leggings, and platform boots. Accessories include lots of Boy London buttons, a Boy London phone case, and a Boy London sling bag. Chamii’s look also features several awesome earrings & a tongue piercing with a stud.

If you’d like to know more about Chami & his life in Tokyo, follow him on Twitter or check out all the pics on his personal Tumblr.

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  1. aaaah srsly!!!! I love the whole outfit T^T/// and now I know that there is actually a crew of boy london kids <3

  2. Is he a guy??? At first sight I thought he was a cute girl!!!! Chalk it up to the fact that we share the same hair style…

  3. Checked out his tumblr. Their crew is effin awesome!! Love their outfits!!

  4. I’m pretty sure Chamii is a girl, I follow the twins Maho and Miho on insta and Chamii is in 90% of all photos. Plus her body looks female. ?

  5. he looks like ikeda hirari ! i think its the hair ^^

  6. Please don’t use the stupid term “swag” when referring to the Japanese. It shouldn’t even be used in American terms. It’s stupid.

  7. flightman

    Boy or girl I would love to hook up with someone that has that style. Love the Ma1 jacket, nails and tongue piercing!!