Tonight was Shibuya Fashion Festival, and there were a lot of fashionable people out on the streets of central Tokyo. While on our way to Parco Shibuya for an event, we spotted the well-known Japanese street fashion twins Miho & Maho, along with their super stylish pink-haired friend Chamii.

We didn’t have time to do proper snaps (because we were all on our way to various fashion events), but we took a couple of quick pics just to show you this awesome trio!

Click on any photo to enlarge it.


  1. oh god i wish i could be there. creepers are amazing

  2. Orihime11

    Love Miho and Maho. Very beautiful and edgy.

  3. They look awesome, but does anyone know how exactly this style is called? >.< I kinda need to find it out for my uni T__T''

  4. Those ‘Boy London’ shirts are so in these days.. even in Hollywood.