Cher Eco Bag + Mook 2008-2009

Picked up a copy of the Japanese fashion brand Cher’s 2008-2009 Autumn / Winter Collection mook catalog at a book store recently. The Cher mook comes with an exclusive petit Cher eco bag. Last year there was a Cher eco bag that became the must have bag for Tokyo girls, but it was bigger than the one included with this season’s catalog.

Cheer Mook 2008
Cher Mook 2008

Here is a picture of the inside of the Cher catalog with the packaging for the free eco bag and a page telling about the bag. As you can see, the bag is dark blue (almost black) with the Cher brand logo in beige or yellow and a red heart pattern.

Cher Mook 2008

And a photo of the bag with the mook inside of it so you can tell the size. I didn’t measure it, but according to Cher, the size is 18 x 20 x 10 cm – it’s pretty small, which might make it even more cute to some girls, I guess.

Cher Eco Bag

You can buy the Cher mook with the free eco bag at Japanese book stores and convenience stores, but they are limited so get them before the season passes if you want one. The price on the cover is 980 yen.

More Japanese magazine and mook updates soon.

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