Christopher Nemeth Jacket & Blonde Bob in Harajuku

This stylish Japanese couple was photographed in Harajuku. The trendy guy on the right is wearing a short jacket from Christopher Nemeth. His unique gauzy pants are from a resale store. His chunky red shoes and red leather bag are also resale. Accessories include button medallions on his jacket and a single black hoop earring.

His favorite fashion brands and designers are Rei Kawakubo’s Comme des Garcons and Christopher Nemeth.

On the left is a shy Japanese girl with glasses and a blonde bob wearing a blazer over a long coat dress. She told us that part of her tops came from Uniqlo, but we’re not 100% sure which part(s). She’s accessorized the outfit with a sheer print scarf. She’s also wearing green Dr. Martens boots and her large red shoulder bag is from Marimekko.

Her favorite band is the Yeah Yeah Yeahs from New York.

Japanese Guy in Christopher Nemeth & Blonde Girl in Uniqlo

Trendy jacket from Christopher Nemeth

Thick-soled red shoes

black glasses and hoop earring

Japanese girl with blonde bob and red Marimekko bag

Green Dr. Martens boots

Japanese girl with blonde hari and Uniqlo dress

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  1. This is truly unique and original style. I have seen SOME people with slightly similar styles, but this is so great. I love the haircuts with the glasses with the black. Its a little bit Comme Des Garcons but still unique. What would you call the people that dress like this?

  2. in my experience people who wear doc martens typically dont care if their hair is damaged. the damage is almost part of the style. also its probably pretty hard to bleach naturally black hair to light blond without damaging it, especially coarse or thick hair.

  3. someone from Finland

    OMG, she is so cute! ^o^
    I love her hair style!
    But Hey, Zoe
    that cute red back is from Marimekko brand, from Finland! ^^
    (i know that, because i live in Finland! :3)

  4. haha she looks so cute in the first pic .and yeah love the outfits ….am just loving the glasses !!!