Meet Yoshiki, a dapper and friendly company employee who caught our eye on the street in Harajuku.

He is wearing a shirt and pants from Or Glory, with a Christopher Nemeth vest. His backpack is Masterpiece, and his loafers are Loake. He is also wearing glasses, a hat and a silver ring.

Yoshiki told us that he likes rock and reggae music, and that Christopher Nemeth is his favorite designer.

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  1. Victoria Moore

    That man is absolutely adorable and so stylish it’s not even funny!

  2. Very stylish and well put-together! I wonder if he is aware of the meaning of how he’s wearing the silver Claddagh ring. Wearing it on the right hand ring finger with the point of the heart toward his fingertips symbolizes that he is single and may be looking for love!

  3. Pollypocket

    I’ve never seen a claddagh as beautiful as that! Does anyone know the maker/brand?