Classic Shibuya Kogal w/ Loose Socks & Sweaters

Here are a couple of Japanese girls who we ran into while walking near Shibuya 109. Their classic Shibuya schoolgirl look – complete with cardigan sweaters, bow ties, plaid skirts, loose socks, and penny loafers – took us back to the heyday of kogal/kogyaru culture.

In addition to the school uniforms, one of the girls is wearing a leopard print backpack (with ears) that she picked up at Shibuya 109 and the other is carrying a duffle bag with a Disney UniBEARsity plush bear charm.

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  1. Ohmyguurrd, they’re so pretty! I also want to wear those awesome uniforms to school! Jealous…

  2. Glad to see there are still classic Kogals around! I just love their easy, fun vibe. They look so happy and cute… wish I looked like them. :)

  3. dondondon

    I’ve missed seeing gyaru on here, so this is niccccce to see! And they’re super cute! (love the backpackkkk)

  4. awwh!! This is one of my favorite styles in the japanese fashion culture<3 but i like more pale^_^ they are so cute

  5. where can i get this leopard bag? Dx ;_; i need it!!!