Colorblock Sweater & Ankle Boots vs. Joyrich Jacket & Supra Sneakers in Harajuku

Misaki and Chesan are two stylish part time workers – both in black outfits with pops of color and hats – who we met in Harajuku.

Misaki is 20 and she’s wearing a resale colorblock sweater with leggings and a Jeanasis coat and backpack. She’s also wearing a handmade earring, vintage necklace, circle scarf, beret, ankle boots and jeweled geometric nail art. She told us her favorite brand is G.V.G.V., and that she’s a Big Bang fan.

Chesan is 19, and he’s wearing a Joyrich jacket over an Adidas hoodie and Uniqlo jeans. His sneakers are Supra, and he accessorized with a cap, sunglasses, chain necklace and clutch. He mentioned he likes shopping at Joyrich and resale stores and that he likes R&B and hip hop, especially Beyonce.

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