Colorful Harajuku Fashion, w/ Cayhane, Jammin, Nude N Rude & Vivienne Westwood

Barbara and Blue are two colorful girls we met in Harajuku. Both have partially blue hair and platform shoes. You might remember Barbara from her previous street snaps.

Barbara is the one to the left. She is wearing a tie-dye top and a green jacket from Jammin over a Cayhane top, with galaxy print legging and Buffalo platform shoes. She layered lots of necklaces (some from Nude N Rude), bracelets and rings. She is also wearing stars in her hair, pink eyebrows and a bindi on her forehead. Her purse is from Cayhane, which is one of her favorite brands (along with Jammin). As far as music, Barbara is a fan of SEX-virgin killer-. Find her on Twitter for more updates.

Blue is the girl to the right, and she’s active on Twitter as well. She is wearing a hoodie from Stussy with a yellow and green tutu and a Stussy top. She’s got colorful hair falls, some of which are accessorized with studs or string. She is also wearing ski glasses on her head, a Vivienne Westwood necklace, a beads bracelet, a peace sign ring and an armor ring. Her rocking horse shoes – worn with furry legwarmers – are by her favorite designer Vivienne Westwood. Blue told us that her favorite music is gothic metal and punk.

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  1. Victoria Moore

    Their outfits are so cool. Blue is one of my favorite colors and they really combined it well in their outfits.

  2. KarolinaChoi

    Blue looks so much like Hyorin from Sistar!