Striped Thigh Highs & Vivienne Westwood Boots vs. Rainbow Tights & An-ten-na Boots

Here are two Harajuku girls showing off colorful striped legwear and cool accessories. The girl on the right with bright turquoise hair is Barbara. She’s 25 and works in an ethnic shop. Her outfit includes a green parka from a resale shop over a pair of Pink Floyd trunks. Besides the rainbow trunks, she’s wearing colorful patterned socks.

Barbara’s red platform boots are from an-ten-na. Her accessories include a colorful pieced cross body bag and a variety of colorful bangles, bracelets and rings.

The girl on the left with green highlights in her hair is 27-year-old Ochi. She’s wearing a leather motorcycle jacket from Sexy Dynamite London over a purple animal print hoodie. She’s also wearing a black top from Vivienne Westwood that she bought used and a red and black dress from tutHA. Her rocking horse boots, which are a great complement to her striped thigh high socks, are from Vivienne Westwood.

Ochi’s accessories include a Vivienne Westwood necklace ring, a purple Hellcatpunks bag with a purple stuffed animal and several other cool rings and bracelets.

We asked the pair about their favorite fashion sources and favorite music. Barbara said she likes the music of Hide and Ochi like the designer Vivienne Westwood and the brand Hellcat Punks.

You can follow both Barbara and Ochi on Twitter.

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  1. Fabulous! I can’t say what I like the best (probably frog-ring XD) but I’m already big fan of both of them!!!

  2. Nice to see such funny stylish girls from my age =) those rings, hairstyles, colours, and all are super cool!!

  3. I love Barbara’s style and I’m glad I those girls are at my age <3 I was getting discouraged with all these very young people in harajuku, I started thinking that I'm going to be too old to dress the way I want and walk around harajuku! But now I think the more older you are the more stylish <3

  4. That is so cool that they are in their mid/late 20s! Tokyo/Harajuku needs more of this – this is the kind of style that made the Japanese famous as the makers and breakers of fashion rules around the world. Enough with the delicate/drab dolly stuff. It’s not working for them….time to retire the boater hats and prairie skirts

  5. omg i lovee that green on her nails.. i love both there styles <333

  6. @willo Reminds me of Hide too. I think her name is Barbara though.
    Love their style!!!

  7. wow, they both look AWESOME. A great inspiration!!!!