Comme des Garcons & Alden

Takezawa is a 20-year-old student who’s wearing a jacket and shorts from Comme des Garcons. The fabric features a bright print of a human figure throwing away some trash. He’s also wearing a red neck scarf and a small cross-body camo bag from Parrott Canvas.

Takezawa’s brown dress shoes are from Alden. Wearing them without socks creates an edgier look.
Commes des Garcons & Alden

Parrott Canvas cross body camo bag

Alden shoes sans socks

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  1. Waow…that´s so…odd I mean compaired to the faishon here in sweden…

  2. not a fan of having it matching top n bottom but he’s cute :)

  3. Haha yeah, you would never see someone dressed like that in Sweden.

  4. but he is not from Sweden and he can wear his pajama as he wants :)
    so give him a break