Cool Cats, Rick Owens, Ambush & Giza in Harajuku

This cool 21-year-old Japanese guy is wearing fashion from an impressive list of designers in Harajuku. He’s wearing a black Revolver jacket over a Cool Cats (Ed Banger Records fashion label) t-shirt. His denim shorts are from BBC Ice Cream. A black hat and tan suede boots from Kris Van Assche add a stylish touch to the outfit. His glasses are on a gold chain and he’s wearing a silver necklace from Ambush. He also is wearing a really cool ring from Mademoiselle Yulia’s Giza (check the closeup). His large black leather bag is by the always-impressive Rick Owens.

Black Hat, Suede Boots and BBC Ice Cream Shorts

Revolver jacket and Cool Cats t-shirt

Rick Owens bag

Giza Ring in Harajuku

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  1. Hey i luv tat shoes…n e one kno where i can get them…

  2. The shorts and boots kill the look for me. Rings like his always baffle me, but I’m just not a ring person. I think I’d knock myself unconscious with a ring like that.

    I do love his laidback spirit, and most of his style besides. The watch especially! And, of course, the t-shirt. :D

  3. looooove the outfit besides the…leggings i think?

  4. gosh the ring on his left hand! its mademoiselle yulia’s creation. i want that ring, so strong n rawrrr! btw, the shirt is just so NEAT! like it :)

  5. jesika lin

    i love the tee shirt, jacket and rings. this outfit could be SOOO greatly improved by skinny jeans instead of the shorts and leggings. really just one way or the other: either jeans with these boots or keep the shorts and wear some different shoes and no leggings. otherwise he has great style!

  6. Woah, I love his boots and the jacket. And the t-shirt completes it :)