Girl in Cowhide Clogs, Jeans & Scarf Hair Bow in Tokyo

This is Nanaco, and she works in sales. We photographed Nanaco at a fashion exhibition in Roppongi. Her outfit is simple but nice, consisting of a long knit sweater and peasant blouse (one from Journal Standard, the other from American Apparel), rolled-up jeans from Journal Standard, and cowhide clogs from the French brand Bosabo. Her accessories include a resale/vintage cable knit clutch, a necklace from Dada, and a cute scarf hair bow.

Nanaco said that her favorite fashion shops/brands are Ships, Beams, Macaronic and that her favorite music is English-language music.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

Note: During Tokyo’s rainy season (when it’s hard to take photos on many bad weather days), we are mixing in several snaps that were taken in recent weeks, including this series from a fashion event in Roppongi.

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  1. I love her style, but I just hope the shoes fur is fake.

  2. デフィ


  3. AnGeLpEtItE

    I really want the cardigan and blouse . (^-^)(^-^)

  4. i lover her clogs! giving something unusual to her style. <3