Crop Top, Navel Piercing, High Waist Jeans & Samantha Vega in Harajuku

Here’s a stylish Tokyo girl who caught our eye in front of the famous LaForet Harajuku department store.

Her look features a white crop top (one of this summer’s top fashion trends in Tokyo) with high waist jeans and platform sandals with lavender backs and clear straps. Accessories include a belly button piercing and a purse from the Japanese brand Samantha Vega.

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  1. She looks gorgeous, I love her styling, the hair and make-up too ~AMAZING!

  2. I love everything she’s wearing! This style is so cute! And I’ve never seen platform sandels like that before lolol.

  3. Those clear shoes seem to be everywhere these days! And she is really pretty too. :)

  4. Wow! Simple outfit? but put together just right. Plus, she is very attractive. She looks WOW!