Cropped Pants vs. Harem Pants

This Japanese guy and girl were photographed on Cat Street in Harajuku near Takeshita Dori. The girl is wearing a fedora hat, a loose black vest over a flower artwork t-shirt, a backpack, harem pants, and black open toe heels. She is also wearing a whistle necklace and a couple of stuffed bears from Suzy’s Zoo. The blonde guy with her is wearing a black vest over a button up shirt, cropped pants, and black sneaker that look a bit like Vans. He is also wearing an earring, a cross necklace, a watch, a ring, and he has his glasses attached to his belt.

Harem Pants in Harajuku

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  1. the guy reminds me a bit of a Japanese Leonardo Dicaprio in his Gilbert Grape days. He looks cool but I love the girls tee!

  2. Alexander Ward

    The guys shoes are called the Vans Chukka Mids. They also come in low tops.