Cropped Plaid Top & Corduroy Bloomers

This cute girl in lace-trimmed corduroy bloomers from a flea market is Ibora. Her outfit also includes a black t-shirt and cropped plaid top that she bought from a Korean Internet site. She’s also wearing pale striped tights, black socks with red hearts and black canvas high-top sneakers.

Ibora’s accessories include a crochet scarf, a pin that that resembles a pink face with big eyes and a rope lanyard around her neck. Her hair band is decorated with metal studs. She’s carrying a plush striped bag from X-Girl.
Cropped Plaid Top & Corduroy Bloomers

Crochet scarf & cropped plaid top

Plush striped X-Girl bag

Hear socks & black canvas sneakers

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  1. NekoSheila

    She is just adorable. And while I don’t actually like the prints, I do like the concept of her outfit.

  2. I gotta lover the colors of her stockings :) also those cute little socks !

  3. i love her plaid oversized, make the whole outfit more interesting and the knot necklace is just cute!!

    take a look on how I redesign Uniqlo plaid shirt to become a ladylike jacket@

  4. I’m sorry, but isn’t this a bit unappropriated looking at the situation in Japan?

  5. Can u please stop approving Fumiko’s posts? In every single post all she does is promote her website. Its really annoying! I hate shameless promotion…

  6. sara paris

    lol@sammy! but yeah i really like this outfit, the top does it for me!!!!!!!!!!