Cute Bunny Skirt, Handmade Corset, Cat Tights & Cat Bag in Harajuku

18-year-old Ruru is a college student who we see often in Harajuku. Her adorable rabbit-print skirt and cute cat-print tights are what caught our eye this time.

Ruru’s white blouse is from Atelier Pierrot, worn with a handmade corset on top and cute handmade bunny print skirt. Her cat bag and patent shoes are from Axes, while her hat was bought in Harajuku.

Ruru told us that she likes rock and classic music, and that h.NAOTO is her favorite brand. Find out more by following her on Twitter.

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  1. ohh her outfit is totally cute and i love her hairstyle and her cat purse

  2. Where are her tights from?!

    Also… she HANDMADE that corset?! That, right there, is pure unadulterated talent!

  3. cookiedion

    she is sooo cute, talented and has a good sense of fashion… she is total awesome!

  4. Corsets are pretty hot, makes her figure looked good :D. The cat leggings are really cute too.