Here’s a cute Japanese girl named “M” (or Moco/Moko) who we met in Harajuku. Last time we photographed M, she had blonde hair and was wearing Angelic Pretty. Besides this site, M has also been featured in a number of popular Japanese fashion magazines (Kera, etc.)

M is wearing a black top from ANAP with a tri-color tulle skirt from Harajuku’s ManiaQ, stockings with a black wraparound pattern, and black heels that she said she bought a “local shop”. Her accessories include a large sparkling hair bow, a large kanji necklace that says “DENPA” (literally: radio waves; slang: nonsense), glasses, a black bow on her belt, several bracelets, and a backpack from Thank-You Mart. Besides the fashion, M also told us that her favorite type of music is rock. If you want to see more pictures of M is cute Harajuku outfits, check her blog.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.


  1. She’s so CUTE! GREAT OUTFIT! Love the criss cross on her legs :)

  2. Cerberus

    I love the way her tights match the sideways strap on her shoes. Very nicely paired together!

  3. Jacky :3

    I love her shoes *v* !!
    Amo sus zapatos *v*!!

  4. She is so cute! >w< !!! I love her hair and backpack. c:

  5. Harold Dodd

    I am assuming this is the same M that was wearing the sailor shirt and had the short hair some time ago. I always thought this kitty k@tt was cute!

  6. Wow my hair looks exactly like that now…but mine is more poofy, I look like a crazy lady. I wish I had Japanese women’s hair texture T-T

  7. Anri Lin

    WOW! I usually feel that the outfits featured are a bit out there for me but this is my second favourite girl! (The first being a charismatic chick with an orange skirt from years ago) Love everything!!

  8. her fashion is so definitively cool in a very simplistic way. :P

  9. Very Lady Gaga-esque~ I really like her legging…things and shoes!

  10. Stephanie D. Brown

    love her long hair!the oufits weird but ok!

  11. Now that’s quite a drastic change xDD
    I really like the hair bow, it’s really kawaii~

  12. :O… nice!! so cute.. the top is great and the glasses and hairbow and skirt and everythingg!

  13. isnt she just the prettiest thing?? i looove this outfit, and what a change! shes so versatile! i’m definately going to follow her blog!!

  14. I can,t tell anything

    she is perfect

    everything is match

  15. Sammyswisso

    Despite the actual name of the Necklace being “nonsense” there seems to be a real effort here for Symmetry – – – – – -ie from wikki ” (from Greek συμμετρεῖν symmetría “measure together”) aesthetically pleasing proportionality and balance;[1][2] such that it reflects beauty or perfection”

    1 : 2 bows : one on head & one on tummy

    2 : 3 X’s or criss crossess on each leg

    So i see balance. This is nice. Her geeky glasses are nice too which contradict the chaos of the loli or rainbow dress. Interesting.

  16. She almost reminds me of a cat, but with a really nice sence of style

  17. For those who like her tights, there is a ‘look-alike’ or possibly the same one on Modcloth. It is by Sneaky Fox and Modcloth calls it ‘Around We Bow’. (⌒▽⌒)☆