ManiaQ, Angelic Pretty & Nile Perch in Fairy Kei Colors

This cute girl with shiny bangs and long curls is Moko. She’s wearing an outfit that features several brands popular with fans of Fairy Kei fashion. Her tops are a bunny-print t-shirt (the artwork looks like Nile Perch, but not sure) under a baby blue plush hoodie from Uniqlo. Her blue and pink tutu skirt is from ManiaQ. Moko is also wearing pink tights printed with teddy bears from Nile Perch and pink pumps from Angelic Pretty.

Moko’s accessories from 6%DokiDoki include a plastic star necklace and a pink headband embellished with a chiffon bow, plastic pearls and lame stars. Her pastel backpack is from ManiaQ.

We asked Moko about her favorite fashion brands and she told use she likes Angelic Pretty and F.i.n.t. Her favorite music is J-rock.

ManiaQ tutu & Nile Perch tights

Bangs, long curls & 6%DokiDoki headband

6%DokiDoki headband with pearls & stars

ManiaQ pastel backpack

Bunny t-shirt & 6%DokiDoki necklace

Nile Perch tights & Angelic Pretty shoes

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  1. babystarbucks

    :o how can someone be soooooo cute and adorable !?!? thats just amazing ! never seen such a cute girl. ;_; loving her hair and outfit !!

  2. Starshine

    Umm.. I’m pretty sure her hair is a wig. But she’s sooo cuuute! :3

  3. >o< So cute! I love her shoes and headpiece the most.

  4. YuriJuice

    I love her tights!
    All together it is cute though.

  5. She is absolutely adorable! I am in love with her whole outfit. Fairy-kei is probably one of my favourite Japanese fashions.

  6. デフィ


  7. gosh! i love the innocent looks…need to go back in my early teens LoL

  8. never seen such a cute girl. ;_; loving her hair and outfit !!

  9. Fashion Dr.

    Oh my gosh .. i want her babyface *o* i love her outfit ; fairy kei ftw A+++

  10. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT SO MUCH! And she’s so pretty, too! I love the shoes and bow the best! Also, the jacket looks very comfortable~

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