Too Cute Harajuku Girl in Glasses + Blonde Bob, Striped Socks

Here’s a cute Japanese girl we met near the intersection of Takeshita Dori and Meiji Dori in Harajuku. She told us that her name was “M” (not a common name in Japan). When we first saw M, her two tone short blonde bob hairstyle combined with a serious facial expression convinced us that we had to ask if we could take her picture. Luckily, she was nice enough to agree.

M’s outfit consists of a Japanese school uniform-inspired top from Emily Temple Cute, a red tulle skirt from ManiaQ (a shop that’s a two minute walk up Takeshita from where we took these photos), blue and white striped thigh-high socks, chunky penny loafer type shoes, and a backpack from Thank You Mart. Her accessories include a Navy Captain Hat, large frame glasses, goggles around her neck (these look similar to ones we’ve seen on sale at Spinns Harajuku, just down the street), anklets that give her the “ruffle socks” look, and a fox tail on her bag.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. She’s like a doll~ So cute! I love the way she matched everything. (AND HER HAIR!)

  2. Starlight

    I smell wig.. But it’s cute :3
    She totally destroyed the outfit with that awful red tulleskirt..
    If she’d choosen a dark blue/ black skirt, and maby a bit darker socks, ot would have been SO awesome!!! I loooove her hat ^w^

  3. Ronald Cruz

    well that’s a peculiar style… I like it!! :D

  4. @Starlight: do wigs have flyaways? see the close-up.

    She reminds me of that little old lady in The Incredibles. I actually really want two-tone hair now 0_o

  5. Miakamiko

    she’ll look much cuter with a smile (her cheeks look a bit saggy with the sad ‘numb’ expression), everything else is matching!

  6. milllky_V

    Wow… It really suit her well! (>w<)b and i really love how she dress and her 2 tone hair too!!! AWESOME~~

  7. I’m in love with her outfit <3
    The hat, goggles, and shirt are amazing! I just wish she wore a different skirt though.

  8. Starshine

    @Elchan Yes, they do have flyaways. Often more than normal hair, actually.

  9. Supaaaa adorable! ww. i’m loving her goggles :3 she looks kinda stoned though, heh

  10. Her little face is so adorable! I love her stockings too. :)

    i want her hair. >/////<

  12. Vanlal Muanpuii

    she is seriously cute…luv her lashas….>>>>>

  13. Aw~! She’s like a little doll~!!! how cuuuute~! and I love the outfit!

  14. luv luv luv!!!…im gonna wear this style one day.. :)

  15. i like her chubbiness.. so cute! Everything spells out cute lol
    i think the colors really match o_o black red and blue-white is a combo i have never tried before but it really looks good on her O:

  16. I’m in love of this style ! But I think her glasses are too long for her.

  17. Awwww…she’s so cute! But why she looks so sad? Way too upset *-*

  18. Awww so cute! I love her hair, and if I had that outfit I would totally wear it.

  19. Lol why do people get so offended by the idea it is a wig? Wigs are great! I wear mine all the time :)
    Anyway, this is one of my favourite snaps, her wig, facial expression and outfit make me think we’d be cool friends xD