Cute Japanese Girl’s Futatsukukuri skirt & Yuki Tote

Meet Kirari, a 17-year-old student. Her cute outfit includes a white blouse with short puff sleeves and a panel skirt with a cartoon print from Futatsukukuri (her favorite shop). She’s also wearing white opaque tights and black suede platform shoes with ankle wraps from Tokyo Bopper. Accessories include a handmade bow on the collar of her blouse.

Kirari is carrying a promo bag from J-Pop singer Yuki. She told us her favorite music is by Judy and Mary (Yuki’s previous band).
Panel skirt & white blouse

White blouse w/ puff sleeves in Harajuku

Yuki promotional bag

Cartoon-print skirt

Tokyo Bopper black suede shoes

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  1. きなこmilk

    fresh and nice. Especially liking the dress print.