Cute MEtA Designer in Corset, Bloomers & Garters

This cute girl with blonde hair wrapped in large double buns is 22-year-old Mimeko, a G2? staffer who also runs the MEtA accessories brand. We see Mimeko around Harajuku often and she always looks cute! Her outfit consists of a cherry-printed cardigan from H&M that matches her handmade cherry earrings. She’s also wearing a satin boned corset top from a resale ship. (You can how Mimeko styled this cardigan and corset for a completely different look in this earlier post).

Mimeko’s outfit also includes a short lingerie nightgown and pink dotted bloomers with garters, both from resale shops. Her blue metallic shoes with triple straps, worn with dotted sheer black stockings, are from Vivienne Westwood x Melissa. Her accessories include a button from Panama Boy that features a vintage drawing of a woman in a corset.

Mimeko told us her favorite fashion sources are G2? and Dog. Her favorite music is by the Beatles. You can find out more about Mimeko by visiting her blog.

Designer in Corset, Bloomers & Garters

H&M cherry cardigan & satin corset

Blonde buns & handmade cherry earrings

Blonde buns & handmade cherry earrings

Vivienne Westwood x Melissa blue metallic shoes

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  1. This outfit is just so amazing. I love how she layered the nightgown and the corset! it’s so well put together!

  2. That’s cute that she put together her outfit to match the button.

  3. HnM ~~ awws loves her buns!!!!! always failed wen I tie two~~ >>>333

  4. I still say everything south of the waist is perfection whether you like it or not…