Cute Syrup, Milk & Resale Fashion on Center Street in Shibuya

We met these two friendly girls – Chirol and Yui – on Shibuya Center Gai. Though they were in Shibuya, their cute styles reminded us more of Harajuku!

Chirol Choco Dreaming, on the left with twintails, is a 20-year-old student. She is wearing a fuzzy lavender cardigan over a cute Milk dress (with heart buttons), white stockings, print socks, and platform cat shoes. Accessories – some of which came from himitsu by syrup – include a big red bow, a large gold ribbon with chocolate print, and a shoulder bag from E Hyphen World Gallery. Chirol’s favorite brands include Milk and Syrup. If you want to know more, check out her personal Tumblr and Instagram were she posts lots of kawaii pics of fashion and food.

Yui, on the right in twintails, is also 20 years old and attends a specialty school. Her look includes and oversized Ralph Lauren striped top worn over a knit sweater, a resale pannier skirt, white tights, lace socks, and resale white sneakers. Accessories – all of which she picked up resale – include a beret, an American Apparel canvas bag, and a large cute teddy bear. Yui is a fan of the Japanese brand Ne-net, the Tokyo resale shop Grimoire, and the Sheena Ringo’s band Tokyo Incidents.

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  1. the oversized shirt is toooo cute and i love the teddy bear.