Cute Twintail Hairstyle & Hello Kitty-laced Platform Converse in Harajuku

Here’s a Japanese girl we met near Harajuku Station who has a cute twintail hairstyle and a look that mixes kawaii accessories with hip street brands and handmade fashion.

Her outfit includes a cropped jacket (with heart buttons) over a lavender dress over a sheer skirt, polka dot tights, and platform Converse sneakers (most likely from Nadia Harajuku). Accessories include cute hair ties on her twintails (a bow on one side and pompoms on the other), fuzzy pink-and-blue triangle earrings, a pink candy-like key necklace, several colorful pins, and a handmade bag with a cute design featuring stars and the moon. Adding just a final touch of kawaii, her platform Converse are customized with pink Hello Kitty shoelaces.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. Loving the pastel colors trend, very sweet, girly and fresh.
    But, am I the only one tired of seeying those platform Converse in every single snap?!

  2. i think she looks very cute
    the colors of her outfits matches perfect and i realy like her tigths and her skirt
    just very cute ^^

  3. She’s just perfect ! That’s sooooo cute !!!

  4. Love everything about this! I might just have gotten inspired to make similar earrings n.n